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Кой ще се кръсти така,ако някой от сегашните босове на ЕС го отнесе??


Този е като Боко!Те стават само за местна употреба!На никой по света не му дреме дали ги има!???


Инетересен нос има петелът...?

Перуци разчита ли знамението?



Джоли,носът му просто е еректирал от притеснение.Аха да започне да....хвърля!☺️

А тоя с мокета пак отърва кожата.Засега....


Приликата с КадаИфа е поразителна. Ма при него нямаше белезници.

First Strike

Злобно ?


Infantino "has no legitimacy", tackles Platini

6/3/2019, 9:20:28 PM

Michel Platini comes out of silence. The former UEFA president, suspended for four years from all football-related activities, spoke on Monday in seven European newspapers. In particular, he settles his accounts with Gianni Infantino, current FIFA President. And the timing of this intervention is perfectly calculated.


It's a pavement thrown into the court of FIFA by a man who has not forgotten anything. As the congress of the governing body of world football opens on June 5 in Paris, a shadow comes over the head of its leader, Gianni Infantino. That of Michel Platini.


Triple Ballon d'Or attacks his former right arm. " When Infantino realized that I was dead because of my business, he decided to run for me ."


He also doubts his honesty, confident: " He vomited for ten years on FIFA. When I say "vomit", I add a little, but everyone knows that he criticized FIFA all the time. How can he come to promote women's football when he has always made fun of it? He never believed . And while praising the qualities of Italian-Swiss jurist, he blames her for doing nothing to save him, or worse.


" When Infantino was named president, he made sure that I did not come back. He could have lifted the suspension of the ethics committee - which he himself appointed - from the moment the Swiss prosecutor's office cleared me (in May 2018). As luck would have it, I was suspended four months after his election, "insists the former triple Ballon d'Or. The former Juventus crack was thus deprived of candidacy for the presidency of FIFA and it is finally Infantino, his N.2 at UEFA, who was elected at the head of world football in February 2016.


For four years Platini has been banished from the sport that made him king. But the sentence ends in October. The opportunity is therefore beautiful to show. " I do not know what I'm going to do. I just want my name no longer dirty and some people pay, "he says. To do this, he filed four complaints in France and Switzerland.




Пуснаха Мишел Платини на свобода



Тупето, тупетооо ... с бретонче отпреде!!! ???