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Bercow: "I haven't got off the top of my head a count of the number of times I have granted urgent questions and in some cases emergency debates to people of what was then called the eurosceptic disposition. And the honourable gentleman (hon gen) was one of them."



Also reminds him of the 2013 amendment on a referendum. "When he was getting the decisions in his favour, he wasn't grumbling. He's grumbling now because he doesn't like the judgement."


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Bercow refuses to allow 'meaningful vote' on Brexit deal today

The House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow, has ruled that he will not permit MPs to have a “meaningful vote” on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal today.

“My ruling is that the motion will not be debated today as it would be repetitive and disorderly to do so,” he told MPs.

Bercow says he hopes that the ruling and explanation are helpful to the house, before allowing the Tory MP Peter Bone to come in with a point of order.

To laughter, Bone tells him that no one knew that the prime minister was going to send a letter or not to the EU seeking a Brexit extension. Surely this something that changed the circumstances in which the vote would take place.

Bercow says that the question of whether a minister of the crown “would obey the law” would be a material consideration on his part was not one that he took into account.

снимка на wreckage

 Tory MP Peter Bone


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? Много хаплива реплика от Корбин в момента.... спомена канавката, разбира се, но това се обръща срещу него :)




 Всъщност останаха два варианта

-Британия напуска с това споразумение на 31.10

-отлагане и избори


Ръц! ???

Ordeeeer! Order! 


ЗИП-ът със сигурност не е бил и в Русия, а гледа нещата от монитора и плещи за някаква "бляскава империя":-)

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Tom Newton Dunn‏Verified account @tnewtondunn

Remember CRAG? It's a fresh headache for the Govt's bid to pass the Brexit deal by October 31. The Constitutional Reform and Governance Act (2010) requires any treaty be laid before the House for 21 days before it can be ratified. The Brexit deal is such as treaty 1. ?

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ЗИПът оня ден ни забавляваше с това как "британските патриоти" поискали помощ отвън при Славната революция.

Глей кво става, ЗИПе:



No10 launches probe into Remainers who ‘colluded with France and EU’ to write Brexit Surrender Act as MPs ‘plot for Bercow to bypass PM’


DOWNING Street has launched an investigation into rebel MPs and remainers allegedly colluding with the French to draft the “Surrender Bill”, it was reported last night.

Number 10 sparked the investigation after claims officials received intelligence that MP’s writing the Benn Act had been helped by foreign powers including France and the European Union.



снимка на ЗИП

Някой е гепил Бърко за топките. Тва е от ясно по ясно...




Но часовника си тиктака.


Хайко Маас с налудния поглед :


Най-мноо "техническо удължаване" !